Lets face it. At some point in our life there will come a colleague who will blow away your mind. All the alarms in you go off and tell you that this is fire, yet you cannot help looking back and checking out this person. We spend a lot of time at work probably more than with our partners.Almost all of us have been there especially when it is someone you cannot avoid. The reason is simple, we are attracted to beautiful things so if someone meets your definition of attractive you tend to keep staring and it spirals out of control.

Here are five steps on how to deal with a tempting co-worker

1. Replace her with someone else in your head. Some people imagine that the person is not as attractive as they look. For some people imagine that the person will have some terrible habit that will put them off or the person will be terrible in bed and they try to fuel this new image. A far-fetched approach I have heard is by imagining that the person is question is a relative and cannot be touched.

2. Remember that most times the person in question say X puts you on a pedestal while your partner is being real with you. Trust me I know he or she look like they have never been to the bathroom but they also fart and probably snore like most people.

3. Never discuss your sexual preferences with a person of the opposite sex. It requires a lot of discipline but you must avoid it. what you do here is that you unknowingly whet the person’s appetite and desires. It keeps them on your tail and makes them want you more. The more you discuss such, the more prone you are to tease about what you can do to each other. You know the rest of the story.

4. I know he/she said they love you but the truth is they are selfish. Am sure you know people who left their partner for say X, only to divorce and discover X was just playing them and enjoying their company and sex. Don’t start what you can’t finish. You will get hurt. Your spouse and kids if you have any will get hurt.

When someone tells you to leave your spouse trust me it usually does not work. Remember that they have it behind their mind that if you left someone for them, you will leave them for someone else. Get it in your head that they are looking out just for themselves. I know it feels like chemistry right now but I assure you at the end of it you will feel like a burnt down building while they move on.

5. After years of marriage you might discover you marriage is dry. Well what is happening is that you are going through a phase and your marriage is evolving. We are dynamics beings and it usually takes a while to adjust to a new life especially marriage so don’t let that push you out of the good thing you have simply because your heart is beating a little faster. Remember how men go through mid-life crisis? Every marriage goes through a time when you need to spice it up. Call it mid-marriage crisis if you like. so what do you do? Get creative.

Good looking colleagues will always be tempting but we have to develop skills on how to keep our emotions at bay. watch out for the concluding part.