People come into our lives for a reason and some are for a season. Lets face it some relationships must come to an end. It is sometimes easier when we end the relationship but sometimes even when we end it can still be hard on us. So I will tell you this. Heartbreak is about perspective. Thus I give you ten ways to deal with that heartbreak and still stay positive.

1. DO NOT TRY TO BE TOO STRONG. We all have our ways of dealing with matters of the heart. Some of us will cry while some of us will sulk. Take your time but also give yourself a time limit. In some cultures when a person dies you give yourself time to mourn after which you should pick things up. So give yourself some days and after that just let it go. If you feel down again or lonely go out a place you love. You can go see a movie or your local bar, besides who knows what miracle will happen. I know you don’t feel like going nowhere but sitting will not change a thing.

2. LET GO. Stop all the reminiscing about how good the relationship was especially if you broke the relationship off. Second guessing yourself will make you come up with excuses and you find yourself heading back in the same direction from which you are coming. Trust me you will go back and want to get out again. If you left out of a strong conviction then stand by what you believe. Feelings will always be feelings and there is a part of your ex that was good. That is why you were both in a relationship in the past.

3. STAY AWAY. Let’s face it after a relationship we feel like cursing out and wishing the other person harm but the truth is if we keep our distance, the emotion will pass after sometime. Also get rid of everything that belongs to your ex and stirs up past emotions. Just throw them all out.

4. MOVE ON. If your partner ended the relationship. They must have their reason. On your own part just remember that there is someone better out there for you. Remember that a happy single person is better than an unhappy married person.

5. AVOID FILLUP SEX. My friend fell into this cycle after her man of five years dumped her. She decided to fill the void by moving from one bed to another. This is what I call fill up sex and its dangerous because all these guys were going to use her and leave her more empty. Some months later we discovered she had even picked up a VD from one of the guys. But the worst part is the feeling of emptiness after the sex is over.

6. STAY OFF BOOZE. We all know the effect alcohol has on us. It impairs judgement. My friend jumped in bed with another friend while boozing to get over her ex. She still regrets it.

7. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LOVE. If you are close to family then you might want to call the person you are closest to. You will be surprised how important family can be when no one else is there. It is also a good time to call up your best friends to hang out. If you don’t have many friends because your ex thought you should spend all your time with them. You finally have the opportunity to free yourself and expand your network of friends

8. CUT THEM OFF. Some people say never stay friends with your ex. I say it depends on how you broke up. However to avoid reminiscing about what you had. Stay away from your ex for about 90days. It gives your heart time to heal. Stay away however does not including running off when you meet them in a public place. In such a situation, carry yourself gracefully, say hello and walk away

9. NEVER POUR OUT YOUR HEART TO THEM. Especially for the ladies. It leaves a woman vulnerable when she starts to cry. The guy in classic knight in amour style will pull her to himself and tell her how sorry he was and now he knows she is the best thing God placed in the universe and the rest is his story. Ok its history

10. UPGRADE AND GET A BETTER LOVER. The easiest way to get over heartache is to meet someone better than your ex. This works for everyone but the only way to do this is upgrading you. Improve the way you carry yourself and become a better person

Remember from each heartbreak there are lessons to be learnt. Learn from the past and move on.