Belly fat is one of the most difficult fat to lose in the body. Unfortunately it is the area that stores up most fat as we get older. There are two types of fat in the body: subcutaneous and visceral. Visceral fat is a leading cause of health issues as it lies deep within the abdominal cavity. Visceral fat has been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and breast cancer in women. It is the fat that accumulates in the upper belly area. The fat which accumulates in the lower belly area (around the waist) is the subcutaneous. This has a pear-like shape. It must be noted that visceral fat is much easier to lose through diet and exercise than subcutaneous fat. The loss of visceral fat reduces blood pressure.

Visceral fat is dangerous for several reasons. It releases cytokines that increase risk for cardiovascular diseases. Another reason visceral fat is dangerous is because it is located close to the portal vein which carries blood from intestinal area to the liver. Visceral fat releases its harmful substances into portal vein and these ends up in the liver where they may play a role in production of blood lipids.

So what can be done to get rid of belly fat? Lifestyle change is the key. The first of these is exercise. In the past it was taught that crunches or sit-ups were the way to get flat tummies but this has been disproved. Crunches are spot exercises and these do not make you lose fat, they only strengthen your core by tightening abdominal muscles. Repeated sit-ups have to be done for years to achieve six packs and that is after you have lost fat through exercise. Two exercises that get rid of visceral fat are weight lifting and cardio exercises such as jogging. People recommend walking a lot. You really have to get your heart pumping to get rid of fat that is why I do not subscribe to walking. Walking just keeps you fit. Weight lifting when possible is the easiest fat burner. The process of fat burning continues long after the exercise.

Diet is the second key to losing fat. Stay away from soda (soft drinks) and juice. You can set a day aside to indulge yourself but do not overdo it even on your ‘indulge’or cheat days.  You will also want to reduce the portions you eat. If you eat three times a day, increase it to five times with some snack between by eating small portions. Apples are a good source of fiber and leave your tummy full making your body think it is full.


You also have to psyche yourself up mentally. Visualize yourself at your targeted weight. You also need to inspire yourself. Paste a picture from the Internet that looks like the person you want to be after weight loss on your wall. Choose your workout days carefully so you do not get discouraged. Stick to your plan. You will miss some days but always get back on track. Do not be fooled losing weight is hard work but it is very possible. My colleague just lost 25lbs without hiring a trainer. He bought himself a couple of devices and drastically changed his diet. Always remember that fat loss is gradual. To lose fat, you need to be calorie deficient while maintaining a healthy diet which means you have to lose more calories than you take in. Also remember that the belly is the last place you will lose fat. When your body is not getting enough supply it turns to the fat in your body. You lose fat in your face, and arms. The last place a man loses fat is in the gut while the butt and hips are the last place a woman loses weight. There are appetite suppressant out there but nothing will replace exercise and diet.

Things to avoid and things to choose to reduce gut



SODA(soft drinks), JUICE



COMPLEX CARBS such as vegetables,  fruits and lean protein, whole wheat bread, whole oats and brown rice. Make sure  it is plain oats and not the fancy sugar loaded stuff out there. Eat loads of  beans as they are low cal and full of fiber. Eat turkey and loads of fish  which are the leanest protein you can get.

SUGAR- It is stored up in your belly

Also avoid potato chips, chocolates and candy

HONEY, SWEETENERS such as splenda and stevia. It has zero calories and  has not been reported to have negative side effects like saccharin,

FAST FOOD- stuff like chicken n fries, burgers are loaded with trans  fat because they are prepared with fatty oil

CREAMY FOOD- ice-cream, mayonnaise, salad dressing all contain high  levels of calories and fat

Sandwich with little or no mayonnaise.

Reduce your intake of creamy food.


Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oil. They  contain unhealthy trans oil.

COOKED FOOD especially poultry. Also  when cooking use olive or canola oil. They are monosaturated and keep  cholesterol under control

A healthy lifestyle leaves you looking snazzy.