hey Dr love

I have a problem and I do not know what to do. I am 29 years old and I am seeing two men. The first man is 31 and he does not have a job. The other man is older. He is 45years, he is financially succesful but married. Before you judge me. I want to know the older man jus got me an apartment and car. He is also having problems with his wife and he promised to divorce her soon. He takes very good care of me and gives me a lot of attention. He creates time for me. My young love has little time. He is either job hunting, with friends or in church. So should I stay with my rich man or keep my younger man with no job. I want to pick one and move on with my life.


DR LOVE: (Enters the doc with his crystal ball and jingling his bell) Am looking into your future right now through my crystal balls and I see you creating trouble for yourself. Are you the witch doctor? How do you know he will leave his wife? Men prey on women’s maternal instinct, knowing women are always protective they give you a story about how their relationship is not working. A woman with her mother-hen instinct will try to protect and show him more affection than she thinks he is getting at home. Next the man tells the woman he will leave his wife when he has no plan to do so. He may even show you text messages of the days they had fights. It does not mean anything.

You say he is financially successful. I smell greed all over you like gravy on thanksgiving turkey. He has 14year head start on your younger man. What do you expect? He has spent several years working and is now successful and you now want your piece of the cake. I got news for you. He is not leaving his wife. It is a classic line that works all the time. He also wants a piece of your pie but in his case he will eat it and still keep it. I believe in karma and it has a way of catching up with you. People have done it in the past and most have ended up in heartbreak. Do yourself a favor and stick to that young man. You can build a future together rather than wait for a man who will likely not leave his wife. Do not be the reason a home breaks. You say he has time for you. I think you are mistaking affection with time. He probably lies to his wife to be with you. Why do you think he has all that time? Because he is successful. If the younger man becomes rich today he will have more time. If you think the younger man is not spending enough time with you then sit him down and talk. Communication is the key to a good relationship.

Final word: Break it up with grand pa. If his marriage does not work and he comes back to you after his divorce, you will take him without any remorse. If a man leaves his woman because of you, then chances are that he will leave you when he finds another woman. (walks away rolling beads in his hands)