Guys I got you covered today. We will be talking about how to rock the suit look, create that gentlemanly demeanor and get your groove back.

Everyman should have at least two quality suits in his wardrobe. When you hear a man say, ‘I do not look good in a suit’, it is usually because he cannot afford it. Suits enhance your looks and improve your image. You do not need have many of them. Invest in two very good suits and buy several dress shirts to alternate them with. They can serve you on occasions such as weddings, funerals, cocktail party or job interviews. There are several things to consider before wearing a suit

  • Dress for your body type: People big around the middle should go for lower buttoning jacket while people who are not too tall should choose single breasted jackets as double-breasted jackets seem to drown you and make you look shorter.
  • Use the buttons appropriately:  Button your dress shirt properly. For two button jacket, button the top button only. For three button jackets, button the middle one and if you like you can add the first one.

N.B: You can let the buttons solo that is; not button any of them. However you never button the last button except at a funeral.

  • Accessorize: Choose your tie carefully. Your necktie color should not take away attention from your suit. There are two options when choosing your tie color. You either go with a color that is similar to your shirt for example lavender with a light blue shirt or go for complementary colors which contrast each other such as burgundy over a striped green and white shirt. If you are afraid of experimenting then a lighter shade of the shirt works but will not be the most stylish you can look. It is all about knowing how to match. White shirts work with most ties, especially solid colors. This is great for funerals. If you want to show you are even more fashionable try patterned ties on a white shirt. Just make sure the colors are not rioting. We will look at mixing colors for men soon.
  • A grey tie works on a light blue shirt all the time, blue shirt with yellow or gold tie, a brown tie also looks good on a tan shirt. Sometimes you can blend the colors of your suit and tie while wearing a black shirt. Rappers Jay-z and P diddy usually pull this off with their grey suit, white shirt and light grey ties.
  • Wear a matching belt: Black works most of the time. Also match the color of your belt buckle and your watch or cufflinks any other accessory. Your sleeves however must cover your watch.
  • Comfortable shoes: ensure that you have enough legroom in your shoes and are not in pain.  Also ensure that the color of your shoe matches your belt.
  • Make sure the suit fits: A suit should fit your body and allow for a range of motion. You should be able to move freely in your suit. It should not be too tight that you cannot bend neither should it be too loose that it looks like a parachute. As a rule of thumb the space between the collar of the suit and your dress shirt should fit a finger and the shirt cuffs should not slide up when you stretch your hand.
  • As much as possible avoid wearing three way striped. That is a striped shirt, striped suit and striped tie. Very few people can pull this off.
  • If you are not very tall, try buying a vertical striped suit. This gives the looker’s eye the impression that you are actually taller than you are while people who do not want to look as tall as they actually are should go with horizontal stripes as this has a roundish effect and does not make them look so tall.

There you go guys. pull this off and you will be looking dapper. Remember looking good is not that difficult.