7 Reasons to Date a Younger Man

Hi Dr Love,

My friend met a younger man recently and has not been the same since then. She has been acting like a high school teen in love for the first time. She is either talking to him on the phone or chatting on facebook. My friend is 39 and the guy is 30. She had a terrible break-up with her baby daddy. Can you please give her reasons not to date this younger man? I think she will end up with her heart broken again.

Thanks Good friend

My dear good friend. Thank you for looking out but no thanks. There are no absolutes when it comes to love and life in general. (Looking in crystal ball and dancing) Your friend might just be in for some of the best years of her life if she plays her cards right. You said she has a baby daddy well now she has daddy daycare in the younger man. (Laughs)

When we see an older man with a younger woman, it is okay in our mind’s eye but when it’s a younger man and an older lady all our alarms seem to go off. However there is a fascination for a younger man who finally gets an older lady to say yes to him. He is enthralled by her. Younger men are attracted to older women for several reasons such as maturity (she is not going to bitch because he talks to another lady but probably ask him calmly who the lady is), they are also independent and can take care of themselves. A man loves this fact because he knows she has it all. She does not need the big stuff. She always beams when he buys her little things like flowers as she is usually not materialistic. She does not have time for mind games such as testing him or acting coy one minute and reminding him whose boss the next. Older women are straight forward with their intentions.

 As women grow older dating a younger man is an option that becomes available to them and one many of them fantasize about but are afraid to try because friends and family will accuse them of robbing the cradle and label them ‘Cougars’. There is a long list of successful women who have dated and some married younger men: Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, Whitney and Bobby, Demi and Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez and Casper, Cher and Rob Camilletti, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

An AARP poll shows about one-sixth of women in their 50s and 60s prefer men in their 40s. It goes beyond sex. Younger men are more flexible and spontaneous.

Here are Reasons to date a Younger man:

  1. Bond with kids: If you have young kids, younger guys tend to bond quicker with them than older guys. The younger man is willing to do homework with your kids, probably play video games with them and watch WWE while older guys usually just want to sit and watch sports in peace while sipping their drink. 
  2. More energy: While this might not be true for all guys. It is true for most. Younger men are loaded with testosterone, besides they are in better shape and look better. If you doubt me, take a walk to your local gym and count the number of young men there and compare to the number of older men. With a younger man, you will find yourself trying new things.
  3. They are loyal: what makes a man date a woman who is 15yrs older than he is? It is not just because she is richer. He is attracted to her essence. This is the first step towards building loyalty. Some people argue that a younger man will leave for a younger woman but there is no statistic to prove this. Who says an older man will not also leave for a younger woman? We see it all the time. Truth is people who will cheat will cheat. Each time I look at Eva Longoria I ask myself what man in his senses would cheat on this woman? She is beautiful. brrrrhhhh.
  4. Feel younger and revamp your outlook towards life: Dating a younger guy re-invigorates your life. It makes you feel alive, like a little girl again. They are usually very social and you find yourself going to cinemas, museums and dining out regularly and you can expect this to continue for several years. You will feel sexy for years.
  5. You can take the lead: He knows you are older and more experienced. He is comfortable allowing you take the lead. Remember they are not yet set in their ways meaning you can influence the way they see things.
  6. Supportive: They are never intimidated by your success. They want you to be more successful so they can even show you off.
  7. Grey first: Truth is when you date a younger man, you will probably be the first to grey and show wrinkle lines, it feels good to be old and still have a fresh younger man by your side.

Truth is that here are several myths (many created by men) to prevent a woman from living her life to the fullest after they leave such a man. Live life on your terms and remember age is truly but a number.


However because you asked I have reasons not to date a younger Man in my next article.