Dr Love,

I am a 25year old lady. I have been with a man for 3months. We spend a lot of time together but I am not sure about how I feel about him. He spends money on me a lot and I just want to know, am I attracted to him or his money?


Dear Debby,

Truth be told, there is a thin line between Love and Infatuation. So I asked the oracle, he replied ‘roses are red and diamonds are ………’ (hehe even the oracle is thinking about money too much these days. What has diamond got to do with love? A lot I hear some ladies say). Seriously infatuation is based on the desire to get something out of a person while Love comes to give. A lover brings into your life. I have said this for over ten years, you know you are in love when you find yourself doing things you said you would never do, going out of your way to make the person happy without expecting anything in return. When you get to this point where you have a longing just to be around a person and constantly see them happy then my dear you are in love. So ask yourself ‘am I with him for the gifts or I do love him?’ Please send the oracle some diamonds too whenever your man buys you some. Am sure he will appreciate it. I am out of here (singing Tina Turner ‘what’s diamond not got to do, got to with it….’)