Two South African friends Nick & Joseph were trying to make it to Europe. After several weeks they made it to Egypt but got lost walking in the Sahara desert.
Soon they become thirsty and hunger. After a day of walking without food, they finally see a mosque. An excited Nick says:”Let’s pretend we are Muslims, otherwise we’ll not get any food or drink. I’m going to
call myself ‘Abdul’. Joseph refused to change his name and said:
“I will not pretend to be another than what I am!” They make their way into the mosque and the Imam of the mosque receives both of them well and asked about their names; Nick said: “My name is Abdul Abdulkareem. Joseph maintained “My name is Joseph” The Imam then turned to his followers and said:
“Please bring food and water for Mr. Joseph only” and then he turned to Nick (Abdul) and said ‘RAMADAN, RAMADAN BROTHER “Let’s go for prayers, we have six more hours before we break our fast“

Nick fainted.