7 Reasons Not to Date a Younger Man

In the previous article we reviewed 7reasons to date a younger man. However I believe in the law of balance so we will look at reasons not to date a younger man. It is my reality check because the fact is remains that every relationship takes work.

  1. Too much sex: Did I hear someone ask how that is supposed to be a bad thing? Hormonal levels are higher in some guys than others. Considering the fact that they are younger, you need to find out if both of you are compatible. Spend a lot of time talking not taking off your clothes. Honeymoon and the real marriage are not the same. If you are the type of woman who wants to make out once in two days and he wants at least three times a day then it is only a matter of time before there is trouble in paradise. Sex is crucial in a relationship. You want to be sure he will not feel starved and you will not get pressured for sex.
  2. In your head:  Will you be able to get over the age difference? I once dated a lady older than myself and she later confessed that each time I scolded her for something she did wrong, something in her head would ask her why she was listening to me, after all her kid brother was older than I. Can you get past the fact that someone the age of your youngest sibling or child will second-guess and even reprimand you especially if you are a boss at work and not used to anyone second-guessing you.
  3. Kids: He says he does not care about kids while you cuddle together. This does not mean he does not want to hear his own kid call him ‘dada’, especially when all his friends start having kids.
  4. Undefined career path: At this stage in life some young men have a vague idea of exactly what they want to become in life. A few know what they want but navigating their way is difficult. You must be willing to sacrifice years to enable him achieve his dream and sometimes you will be responsible for financing this dream.
  5. Exuberance and Immaturity: Depending on factors such as where he grew up, a younger man will sometimes act his age. This will look for immature to you. If you are a very serious or conservative type, you need to give this some serious thought.
  6. Uncertainty: Usually at this stage, younger men are not too sure what they want out of life. Some of them are still experimenting and you do not want to be part of an experiment. What do you do when he suddenly changes his sexual preferences? Food for thought.
  7. Public opinion: If you are the type of person who cares what other people think about your relationship or what they will say behind you back then you want to avoid dating a younger man because people will definitely talk when they get to know about your relationship.


My advice is simple. You can eat your cake and have it. My friend’s brother was telling his siblings that his girlfriend is older than he is. His siblings started condemning the relationship, and then their mother interjected and said ‘what is wrong with you all? Do you know your father is 3years younger than me?’ They were all shocked. It is tricky but it can be worked around. Make sure the gap is close (no more than 5yrs is usually good), then keep your age or his a secret. That keeps everyone guessing since in truth you are in the same age-range, signs of aging will not usually be greater on one partner than the other. That is my take. Choose whatever works best for you. You have only one life to live so live it well. As we say in Latin: suum cuique pulchrum est (To each his own).