HOW TO ASK A LADY OUT and get a Yes.

Attraction is the first thing to consider when you want to ask a woman out. Most women I speak to say they will not go out with a man they do not find attractive. You know what that means. Clean shave, clean up. Make sure you look good, feel good and smell good. Now we have you looking good, you need to get her attention. Women love attention and it takes a man who can get her attention to give her attention. You do not have to be the best looking man in the room. Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington would be dating the most beautiful women in the world. Attraction goes beyond looks.

  • Be the leader of the pack- Women are drawn to leaders. Just be the guy everyone says hello to at the party or the one who holds people captivated with your jokes or stories and women are instantly drawn to you.
  • Ladies man- This is a little tricky and for pros. Women are drawn to a man who has other women flocking around him. We talked about this before. An object becomes more valuable because people want it. No woman wants a man that no-one else wants. However its tricky because she will notice when women love being around you but will probably think you are a player. You will need to prove that women are drawn to you and you are not the one going after them. She also needs to know she will have your attention. If you can play this, it works all the time.
  • Go for the chase- Women do not want a wuss. A wuss will be confessing his love after the first date. They want a man who will chase them. Women love a man who is up for the challenge. (Little wonder girls fall for bad boys). Women like life favor the bold.
  • Come across as fun- The only way a woman will go out with you is if she is convinced that her time with you will be fun. Thus, you must always try to come across as a fun person. Try not to be someone else though. Everyone has a funny side even shy people. Put yourself out there a lot if you are shy. Even if you hear a ‘no’, consider it part of your practice time. The ‘yes’ days are just around the corner but you need to loosen up and be more out there.
  • Never out of the blues- There has to be a connection before you ask a woman out. It is better to ask a woman out when she is having a good time with you or your friends. Never ask a woman out in the midst of her friends. Ask her out when she is laughing, flirting with you or staring you in the eye. Try getting to know her first. Be friendly. That is the easiest way to get her saying yes. Would you be excited going on a date with a stranger? It’s the same thing for women
  • Divide and Conquer- Never ask her out when her friends are around. Chances are that she will say ‘no’. Get her when she is away from her circle of friends. They have greater influence on her than you think. If she is the leader of her pack, she will not want to look weak in front of her crew so she will say ‘no’. If you pull a woman from her friends they will either judge you or her. Do it when she is away from her pack.
  • Be realistic- Some women will not go out with you for several reasons. Do not take it personal. Women have a mental picture of who they want to date. They hold themselves to a standard. They want a particular height, skin color, eye color while others are just looking for chemistry. I once met a girl who was my height and wanted a guy taller than myself. Through constant conversation I found out what she wanted in a man. I worked on the other qualities I had and she ended up falling in love with me. However not everyone will be so lucky, if she says no then dust yourself and move on.
  • When out of ideas- Never ask a woman out at that awkward moment where you are drying out and have nothing else to say. That point where it seems like you have exhausted everything you have to say for the evening. It is best to just get her number and call it a day. Chances are high she will not agree to see you again if the conversation did not flow the first time, so let her go, take a deep breath, regroup and strike back.
  • There is no perfect timing when it comes to asking a woman out. She flirts with you a little but you tell yourself, it has to be well timed. Well I got news for you, when it comes to women, you have to strike the iron while it is hot. Why do you think women love confident men? Remember no woman will wait forever no matter how she likes you.


Do not go on overactive dates if it’s a first date. These include mountain climbing, and all those stuff that make a woman feel rushed. Do not try anything elaborate or try to impress her to show you are super-rich. You will freak her out. Simple options are




Lounge or quiet bar for a drink

It’s a first date. Keep it simple.

Don’t ever ask what she wants to do. Suggest what you have in mind. For example:

Guy: we should grab a drink next week

Girl: yea

Guy: what is your schedule like?

Girl: ummh am booked for most but maybe Friday night

Then you go ahead and fix the time. It is all about steering the course of your conversation in a direction that gets you a favorable response.

Getting a woman to say yes all the time is possible, it is all about your approach.